New Web Page Design

New Web Page Design
Dear Designer,

We would like to have the page below redesigned.


The page must meet the following criteria:

– it must be done as HTML
– we would like a sample of the new page before choosing designer
– you may place the word “sample” large across the page until payment

We need to get the page designed in the next 3 days.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Support Staff

Creative Dvd Cover Design

Creative Dvd Cover Design

I’m looking for a very talented graphics designer.
Each month we release a different product and we want someone we can rely on, to design the product covers, boxes etc.

Right now, we need YOU to design the DVD cover of our new product.


1) You’ll design the DVD box and DVD sticker. (attached to the project you’ll find samples of previous work done by others)
2) The style we need is a VERY APPEALING AND EYE CATCHING DESIGN with a MYSTERIOUS LOOK. Grunge styles preffered.

1) Must show us portfolio of graphics design work (not websites)
2) Constant communication through gmail chat or MSN
3) Meet our 48hrs deadline
4) Submit several options of the design to choose from
5) Most important: BE VERY CREATIVE AND TALENTED. We are looking for top notch HIGH QUALITY DESIGNS.

After bidding please submit your portfolio. If you are good, you’ll find that we will be a long-term partner.

My maximum budget is $30. Don’t bid if you dont agree. we are a small business.

We pay fast.

Happy Bidding!

Captcha Comments Fix

Captcha Comments Fix
Ok i have a series of 5 jobs for a highly skilled programmer that is less than 1 days work

firstly add captcha
secondly i want the wright a comment box to disappear and the need to press a tab for it to appear
thirdly the star rating system on my site stopped showing stars and just shows dots i would like them changed anyway into small pictures of my logo instead of stars anyway
backed when i click my comments box to delete spam the spam gets deleted but it points to the wrong page once deleted the site opens a different page
Also the final job is to inform me of any problems you spot with the site and how to fix it

Ecommerce Add On To A Site

Ecommerce Add On To A Site
NiteFly Functions
1)Groupon Functionality
1. Simple & Easy to use webpage to add onto current site built using standard/open source tools
2. Ability to post new deals with following info: deal info, end date/time countdown, min/max order, discount, purchases/purchases needed to activate deal..
3. Option to share the deal on facebook, twitter, email. Refer a friend.
4. Allow cutomers to sign in using Facebook connect and/or login using our already existing login system
5. Facilitate customers to sign-up for a daily e-mail alert
6. Generation of the coupon for successful bids
8. Facilitate secure payment option with direct credit card transactions. Paypal support.
9. User portal which can store groupons bought, payment information.etc

Design of tab

Functions of Website

Admin can log in to admin area

Admin can manage users
Admin can view complete list of users, can delete, disable/enable users

Admin can schedule a deal
Admin can create deal by filling starting date, duration of the deal (in hours, could be more
than 24h), price/number of buyers required, original price, minimal number of groupons and
other fields as described in “Visitor can see a today’s deal”. Optionally Youtube link could be
provided. Scheduled deal will be shown at “Today’s deal” page on provided date. Admin can
manage list of deals, cancel scheduled or active deals.

Visitor can sign in.
Email (to use as login) as well as Paypal email, if differs. User has option to subscribe to “Daily

Visitor can sign in using Facebook connect.
Same as “Visitor can sign in”, but Facebook connect is used to populate user profile.

Visitor can log in using Facebook connect.
Facebook connect is used for authentication if user has active Facebook account.

Visitor can see a Today’s deal.
“deal name” including area with current cost of groupon, area with original value of product (“Value”), discount and savings, area “Time Left To Buy” with live countdown,”groupons bought”
area with number of groupons bought, number of groupons needed to the deal to be valid, number
of groupons left, deals banner, “The Fine Print” area, ”Highlights” area. Next large area is for
providing company, including message from the company, company details, optional video,
external reviews and site owner comments. There is a thumbview of “Side deal” on the right.

Visitor can see past deals.
Same as “Today’s deal”, countdown is replaced by end date, and only total number of purchased
groupons is shown. User can still buy groupon if deal is open/active.

User can buy groupon.
On pressing “Buy” button user is directed to confirmation page, where in “Your purchase” area
there are title of groupon, editable quantity, groupon price and total.
In “Payment” area there are list of Ccs set in profile to use, also “Cardholder Name”, “Card
Number”, “Security code”, “Expiration date”, “Billing address”, “City”, “State/province”, “Postal
code” to provide new CC number.
In “where would you like us to send your receipt?” area there is a “email” field.
There are “Complete my order” button and “Never mind” link. On pressing “Complete my order”
button groupon is assigned to user. If new CC was specified, it is added to user profile.

Visitor can buy groupon and sign in at the same time.
Same as for “User can buy groupon”, with addition of “Personal information” area with “Full
name”, “Email”, “Password”, “Password confirmation”, to autocreate new account on “Complete
my order button”

User can view/edit her profile.
On user profile page there are avatar image, name, list of email addresses (manageable), password,
time zone and manageable list of Ccs. Ccs fields are same as for “User can buy groupon”.

User can view/manage her groupons.
User is presented list of groupons, with “Title”, “Price”, “Status” fields. User can sort list by any
field. User can cancel groupons with “Ordered” status.

User can print coupon associated with specific purchased groupon.
By clicking on groupon with “Purchased” status user is presented with a view of coupon and
“Print” button. Pressing button results in printed coupon. Printed coupon must have tracking ID
(most likely hash based on a user profile) and unique serial number on it to prevent naive abuse.

Users are charged for ordered groupons when countdown reaches zero and total
number of ordered groupons is not less then necessary minimum.
Ccs provided for purchase are charged, corresponding groupons get “purchased” status and links to
print coupons. Purchase notifications are sent to provided email addresses. For past deals which are
still active user is charged immediately.

Ordered groupons are canceled if countdown reaches zero and total number of
ordered groupons is less then necessary minimum.
Cancellation notifications are sent to provided email addresses.

User can share a deal on Facebook/Twitter

Admin can view a printable list of purchased coupons for specific deal
A list of tracking Ids for specific deal, handed to the Merchant for the purpose of preventing abuse.

Application sends “Daily alert” email based on template once per day
Users who subscribed to “Daily alert” will get notifications as new deals are added.

This work will require installation and modification of the design that the client wants.

Whmcs Auto-create Sql Database

Whmcs Auto-create Sql Database
I need a simple script that will automatically create a MySQL database when a user signs up through WHMCS (cPanel/WHM backend). Basically something similar to Wildfire DSI (google it).

The script will need to create:

* A blank MySQL database on the user’s cPanel account called “war” (i.e. username_war)- my existing installation script will import the actual database content.

* A MySQL user with full permissions for the installation script to connect to. Will need to use a password either the same as the cPanel login or one pre-defined (?)

This should use the WHMCS action hooks and be easy for me to install.

This is on a RESELLER account. I do NOT have root access to the server.

To be clear, I do have access to the server, just not root.

As mentioned this would need to use WHMCS action hooks. For more info go here: — the hook in question would be AfterModuleCreate

Any questions please hit the PMB before you bid.

* Highball bids will be deleted.
* Obviously automated bids will be deleted.
* Serious bidders only

Completion Timeline: 1 Week or less.


Zen Cart Multi Site Install

Zen Cart Multi Site Install
We require a freelance to implement a cross domain checkout with the multisite module for zen cart.

The functionality is available in the multisite module, we just require the implementation,

We basically have 2 sites domain a and domain b, they both use the same zen cart database and the multisite module is installed and working without any problems, what we require is the functionality so that a if a customer on Domain A wants to use our card payment method that they are redirected to domain B to complete checkout

So on Domain A the user will log in with their normal credentials, (these are shared already on both domains) select their shipping option and at the payment method stage they will have the following options

Pay via Paypal

Pay Via Bank transfer

Pay via Credit card (with Domain B)

If the user selects Pay via Credit card (with Domain B) the checkout data will be forwarded to domain B and they will complete checkout and pay for their order through Domain B

We would be able to implement this if both sites were on Domain A but as they are different domains, we need to pass the data via a cookie or something similar, whichis what we need help with,

Both sites are on the same server, and currently share the same IP, however this may change and they may be on separate IP addresses

Ideally we need someone who has good experience of Zen cart and of the multisite module

Aslso our customer order information page is not working correctly so we need this fixed also

Type Up A Document

Type Up A Document
Background Information
Many years ago I wrote and published a book
It has long since gone out of print and I no longer have the original text.
I just have a couple of copies of the original book.

I will post one of my copies of the book to you. By Mail.
I want you to then type the book up into a Word document.
Keeping the formatting as close as possible to the original.
The book is 94 pages, with approximately 33 lines per page and approximately 13 words per line.
Although many of the pages have got graphics on them ( you do not need to reproduce the graphics)
Therefore a total of approximately Max 40,000 words.
To a good typist this would represent no more than a few hours work.

I will pay by Escrow only when I received the completed word document
Soul that I know you have read this properly please use the word
“Typing” in your bid

Thank you

Need 6pg Web Site Design/bui 2

Need 6pg Web Site Design/bui 2
THis is a re-post of a previous project request for a 10-page site. Refined now to 6 pages, mock-ups of 3 of the pages are attached.

Need design and build of the site, admin tool and site seo. Please include the following in your quote for this project:

1) Copy is not final, client is currently writing and will send final copy separately.
2) Images are not final, currently only place-holders. They are similar in dimensions to the final images but there may be some small variation.
3) I will need a second variation on the header with top rounded corners.
4) Admin tool to update events/classes page and to swap the quotes/testimonials on the left-side nav bar.
5) Please include basic SEO in your quote, embedded keywords etc. Fee-based options are not needed (google adwords etc.)
6) The mock-up is NOT meant to be a final design so it will need to be cleaned up as part of this project. I have re-worked it and refined it with the client but I have limited graphic manipulation ability so it’s not final. mock-up was done in MS Publisher.
7) Additional elements not in the mock-ups: Will need to add a link to sign up for e-newsletter and post most recent version on a separate page that’s not part of the main site nav; a link to pay for services through PayPal; and an additional tab linking to external blog (may not be included in final site).

Please let me know if you have any questions. Would like the selected bid to begin immediately as client finalizes copy and images. Thank you — James Wirth

Flash Template Customization

Flash Template Customization
I Have a very easy flash template for customization, I’ve already done many parts of it but since I need the website ready sooner I’m going to give it to a freelancer.
Basic some text changes and picture changes and small structure change.
Attached you can find the proposal word document of required work.
The Template we’ll work on is :
Please note :
If you bid on this project, you accept and do agree that you’ll get paid ONLY Upon my complete satisfaction of the final work.

Have good bidding.

Socialengine Template. 2

Socialengine Template. 2

i’m using SocialEngine V3.19 For my socialNetwork and i want a template look like the ( VK.COM )
want from someone Of you to make for my socialEngine a template like the socialnetwork ( VK.COm ) The samething like ( ) i want a clone of the template .
if someone are ready to do the job please contact me and i’ll send him the script to work on it.

any one can do it ?


Fix Scripting Error

Fix Scripting Error
I have Send Studio NX for my news letter distribution, I use a very simple process where I simply update each months news letter in the same format & send each month. I havent changed any settings or modified the scripts at all.
Everything was fine for the last 18 months & then suddenly an error appears when I try to save a new Email Campaign or try to access the manage email campaigns area. The error is as follows:

Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in /mounted-storage/home15c/sub004/sc13714-BKIU/ on line 198
Langvar ‘Format_’ doesn’t exist (Called from newsletters.php, line 673)
I checked the news letter PHP file & it ends at about 478, so no idea why it is looking for 673

thats it I guess!