WordPress Plugin Required

WordPress Plugin Required
I’m looking for a plugin for wordpress.
The plugin are for generate automaticaly page with slutdrive.com movie.
I need:
Title of post
The movie gallerie ID
The uploading link (for download)
the hotfile link (for download)

check this… i make this with photoshop…
where to locate the add post

the slutdrive page sorry but its a photoshop built so the text are not ok

what’s the plugin create when you send info.. the plugin create sub-page into plug title page

The result in plug page (one link per line)

the result on main page (lastest post)

the result in the page (plug page link).. when the user click on the thumbs on the main page (lastest post)…

Then this is what i need.. but with more feature..
Size of embed player… 320×240, 640×480, or custom size (2 box)

and if you can create that.. i want a “PRO” plugin of the same plugin: change the player color, choose between 4 thumbs, more download hosting company… but for the moment i need the basic plugin like the screenshot.. i dont have alot of money my website are not open wet. thank you very much

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