Copy: Toontown Private Server

This is a copy of an existing project which has been cancelled. The ID of the original project was 1264271245

I would like to be able to run a PRIVATE SERVER of Disney’s ToonTown Online. Whether or not this action is illegal is beyond me, nonetheless, I would like to be the first and only ToonTown private server. I’m not sure if my budget is anywhere NEAR accurate, but I need somebody who can create a server emulator for ToonTown using the Client to post their bid no matter how high or low it may be. I will also need a PHP script to let people register. If this is absolutely 100% impossible, let me know in the PMB. This thing is just meant for testing purposes, I will neither run it online, nor will I cancel my subscription (yeah, I really have a subscription for ToonTown). Thank you.

Oscommerce Paypal Integration

Have a online shop which has a paypal instant pay module, however there are some minor errors coming up, and some general fixes that are required to make the shop work perfectly. We would also like to possibly have people sign into the shop with their PayPal account info to save them signing up twice (if possible).

Also have a problem because sometimes a sale goes through and it doesn’t show up as cleared, but it is cleared .

Add Blogging To Website 2

I have a successful fully functional website that now needs a blogging/archive/search archive function added to it.
Only professional programmers wanted.

I’d like the main page to have 3 blogs, and the rest archived that can be accessed easily.

It should be easy to enter blogs (with images) on my end.

This is an R-Rated adult website, if you aren’t comfortable with non-nude beautiful women please don’t bid.

Thank you,

Helpdesk Ticket System

Trouble Ticket Management
Knowledge Base section
language: spanish or easy to transcribe in lenguage file
Based in some PHP application free (no problem) like helpdeskreloaded etc…
the goal is controlled all activities of support area and times, is oriented to make easy the user’s requirements, no password, no many data irrelevant when the users ask for supporting.

The Administration page must have all data possible.


Bit Of Oscommerce Coding

Greeting programmers!

I’m looking for an experienced OSCommerce programmer to help me with a bit of custom coding.

I need a programmer to help me pull pricing info, based on the currently viewed category, and teach me to manually put it into category pages.

I’m using OSC 2.2 RC2 with STS Templates.

**** LONG VERSION ****
I’m in charge of our rather large OSC web store. We’re about to add a database of 1800 new Router Bits (for woodworking) in 290 categories. In the current OSC configuration, this many products would be annoying to click through.

More importantly, as you drill down the categories, you’ll end up with a single type of bit, that is available in MANY different sizes and arrangements.

The vendor who makes these router bits does a great job of arranging them on their own website, and we’re using their content. Instead of having a separate page for each product size, they have a single page with a list of available sizes. Here is an important example:

We want to replicate this in our OSC store. To do so, I’ve created the categories, and used STS Templates to create a custom category page. On that page I’ve been moving the content from the vendor’s site, to our own. Here is a completed category page on our site based on the page I just pointed you to at the vendor’s site:

Now normally, all of the products in that category would show up in a grid under my custom content. But I don’t want that. So I took out the $content tag in the STS template.

Instead I add a “Add to cart” button next to each product listing and manually include the correct link.

What you’ll notice missing on my page, is a price.

I need some code to dump into each of these category pages, what will pull the price of each product from my products database, and put them in a price column.

I don’t know if this should be done by somehow looking at the current category you’re in, and pulling the price for every product in that category?

Either way, once the price is available, I need instructions (a line of code with product id) for dropping into the price column for each product.

The goal here is to manually list out all the products, but dynamically keep their price up to date on the page by pulling it from the database.

Good lord I hope this makes sense. Please feel free to email me with questions before you bid.


Robert Smith

Scrape Ajax Search Suggest

With both Yahoo & Google search, when you start typing a search query into the search box, they return search suggestions with Ajax. See the attached screenshots. I want to scrape a certain number of these.

I want to scrape every variation of search suggest for 1 to 3 letters. So the scrape would begin with searches like this


So it’s something like 27 to the third power (26 letters and no letter as an option) entries. So Something like 20,000 entries on both Google & Yahoo.

This data set needs to have all exact duplicate results filtered out.

The returned data results would have the 4 columns
– date
– search engine (google/yahoo)
– search term used to pull search suggest (aaa, abc, hfj, ab, ect)
– search suggest keyphrase

I would liek to have the data returned in

Timer Problems Fix Today Paid

javascript based timer keeps freezing up so mostly when a auction ends it just stops em all and wont start to you refresh the page

I need someone who is a javascript expert to go through this timer line by line and optimize it, this timer is a central component to my site and must be rock solid. It would be best if you also know a good amount of php and sql and the realtion of all three together. Also you must have a through understanding of cron jobs in relation to running a php file.
and my account was recently suspended due to see below
Account Status:
Suspension Date:

2010-05-10 14:36:56
Reason for Suspension:
Processor intensive MySQL queries on bitty_auction102 database.

you will be required to document everything you do
every file you touch must be baked up and provide to me seperately
basically i want to know what went wrong where

you will have ftp access only

and you must be able to start now and be done by 6am or so i have ired a guy on here to this already and its been two weeks and no contact please dont waste my time and effort posting projects and having to have scriptlance cancel them

dont reply with your portfolio and i dont care if you have 0 reviews or 5 zillon I just want to know you can do it , you can do it now, this shouldnt be a big job for someone who knows what they are doing shouldnt take more than 1hr. I want it done right the first time though so if it takes a wee bit longer i understand. if you fix this i may have more work for you on this same site as i want to add some things to it.

Css/php Project Using Drupal

**** Need to integrate below changes on drupal framework ****
company website is under development and we need help implementing two CSS elements of our desired design, which is already complete and in PSD format: (1) A page background image that dynamically grows to outline the main body content of a page and (2) an “active” arrow on our menu bar indicating which area the user is currently viewing.

We expect this project will take a CSS/PHP expert up to 2 hours to complete

Lowest bid with good review will win. If you can do this as expected
we will get you more of similar works and also complete PHP projects

Budget: 20 to 30$

**** Payment on completion and will be escrowed ****

Please don’t try contacting us directly… Will strictly follow scriptlance terms.

view our Drupal-based website at However, to view all the pages, including the actual home page (i.e., not the “Coming Soon” page), you will need to log in using this account I created for you:
username: alyosha
password: paul

This project involves implementing two visual elements of our website design (PSD attached). I assume you will need to touch both our CSS and PHP. The two elements are:

(1) Background image for the body “main” content area
In the attached PSD file, you will see a shadow outline surrounding the content area. The art asset for this is located in the PSD file in the “BODY” layer titled “Box”. We need you to implement this shadow outline and the white background for the main content area. (Note: The designer actually uses a slight gradient for the background color but this is not necessary. You can make the background color solid white using HTML/CSS. To ensure a fast page load time, we prefer you use an image only for the shadow outline, not for the white background.) Please make sure when you implement this that it looks good across all pages on the site. (The home page is an exception — that page uses a special template for the body content that you do not need to address.)

(2) “Active” arrow on the top menu bar
In the attached PSD files, you will see a white arrow triangle indicating the current area you are viewing. The art asset for this is located in the PSD file in the “MENU” layer titled “Active Arrow”. This arrow needs to be centered under the current menu name as the user navigates the site. For example, the arrow should point at “How It Works” whenever a user is viewing a page anywhere within /works, including all pages below, such as /works/development…

Please take a look at our site and let me know what files you will need to complete this project. I will zip them and send them to you. We do not provide non-employees with direct access to our Drupal administration area or to our web site files via FTP.

I am available at anytime to upload files for you so that you can test your changes. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to make your work easier given the limited access.

E Commerce Website

We are looking to have a Simple Ecommerce website. We need to have the design done, and the shopping cart integrated. Here are a few site that we would like to replicate.

We will supply the images needed for the products, but the rest needs to be designed. We can also supply the content for the site, so we only need the design, and e commerce shopping cart setup.

Please advise what shopping cart platform you will be using.

Quick Php Form Alteration

I need a PHP programmer to change two fields in an enquiry form and mail form.

The enquiry form and mail form work perfectly already, but two fields ‘code’ and ‘cash’ need changing to ‘scode’ and ‘contract’

The two documents will be sent in your PMB and the links that pull the data from the forms, just need those simple ammendments asap!

This is an easy job for anybody that knows what they’re doing and should take 10mins.

Budget: $10