Website Data Scrape

Need someone to do a data scrape from a technology website. (probably over 300,000 entries in total)

Need data in csv format (one row per entry, each field separated into its own column) can be separated into sub categories – i.e. alphabetised etc

Full details of URL and exact data required will be posted on the message board.

**Not looking for a script or program to run myself, just want data in csv files.**

Have many more projects lined up after this one.

Ruby On Rails Help

I have a word press site and also a Ruby on Rails site, what I want to be able to do is have the word press site display a link from my ruby on rails site. Site urls will be on PMB.

The link on the word press site that says models should open up the page from the ruby site that says models.

Please explain how this will be done along with your bid, I need to make sure that the page displays correctly on word press and does not just open the entire ruby site on a frame or iframe.

WordPress Plugin Tweak (rss Re

Good afternoon,

We’re needing a coder that can tweak the plugin of WordPress called WPoMatic and make it take the FULL post of RSS instead of excerpt.

That can be done linking it with Readability library or something like

This is a simple task, just to link WPoMatic and make it take (extract) full posts of any RSS.

If you can do it, please reply to us.

Post Expire – WordPress

I need some customisation done to set dates for posts to expire. There are tons of options out there, but they do not do what I want. They either delete the posts or set them to draft status or move them to archives or to a different category.

What Do I want?

— Cusomisation to set a date for expiring post on a given date (custom field)
— This Should not delete the posts permanently (Very imp).
— Expired posts stays in the same category but under a new header ‘Expired posts’ below the active posts.
— Expired Posts Uses a different css id/class, so they can be greyed out.

Example is here:

Look at posts below by scrolling down and see under ‘Expired discount vouchers from Debenhams’

Bid only if you have experience with wordpress.

Custom Blog/site Development

I want a Custom blogging development done preferably in wordpress.

It will be all in one solution kind of thing.
It will have scraping scripts/functions , storing content in databases etc.


[1]. About 1000 keywords will be given in groups of 5-20. The script will scrape content for each group from various sources like –

– Forums
– Digg
– News and authority sites (I’ll give u a list of these sites)
– Twitter
– Google Blog search
– Technorati
– Other sites (Other list of sites will depend on the market the keywords belong to)
– Videos from youtube

For each group the scraped content will be stored in database. And can be edited as well from a user interface.


The scraped content will strip all html and will contain only text. The scraped content will also have an excerpt for all the content blocks extracted. We will discuss it in detail.

[2]. The html page will be created for all the keywords based on the content extracted for that particular group of keywords. There will be an option “if that group of keywords fall into” “commercial” category. Then for all those keywords there will be an additional field called “Rating” which will be a number from 1-10 like 7.1, 8.3 and so on which will be calculated with an algorithm which I will tell you. In case of ‘commercial’ keywords the rating of the product will be described along with the graphics in pie chart or bars forms.

[3]. A Headlines and titles generator which will generate the titles of the html pages. I have a desktop software for that – you can use it’s database of titles.

[4]. Some user added content which we will discuss.

[5]. Some “presell” part which will appear on all pages

[6]. Random tips portion which will be taken from text files uploaded on the server.

[7]. The scraped content will be organized on the html page in a very user friendly and unique way.
See example here –

How content from various sources is presented under the heading –

“Expert & User Review Sources”

I want some content on the left part and some content at the bottom of the blog post.

[8]. There will be options at the end of the blog post like –


[9]. Comment generation.
The script will auto generate comments based on some scraped content and database of some generic sentences. We will discuss that.

[10]. There will be an option to edit any part of the html page thus formed.

Happy Bidding!

Full-time Web Developer

Hello SL Providers,

Thank you for reviewing my job post. We are a US based firm looking to find a very detail oriented, dependable website developer and programmer. Most of our sites are WordPress based, however, a few are custom coded in PHP/Mysql and will require excellent coding and design skills. We are looking for one special provider for a long-term position with the following skills:

# EXTREME WordPress experience including customization, plugin installs. Experience with the plugins: WPROBOT, WPREMIX, WPREVIEW, and PRETTY LINKS.
# Advanced knowledge of Photoshop and graphic design
# Advanced knowledge of Dreamweaver / related
# Can code Compliant W3C Designs
# Advanced PHP/Mysql skills
# CSS/xhtml skills

We are looking to hire someone full-time for a two week trial period. If we are happy working with each other after two weeks, we will offer you full-time position. We use basecampHQ to manage projects and tasks. You will be required to login daily and provide status reports on assigned projects and record your time for completed tasks.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, we invite you to submit the following:

– Your resume
– Website projects you’ve worked on
– Your Skype user-name
– Your monthly rate
– Your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to the above tasks
– The hours you’re willing to work (e.g. 9-5 Monday-Friday)

Thank you,


President, Reagormedia
Time Zone: -6 GMT

Ecommerce Web Design

I need to create an e-commerce clone of another site. Most of the site structure will stay intact outside of color, site functionality, and some minor tweaks to make it look slightly different. It will be fairly simple to follow and execute the vision. I have 2-3 sites which we’ll take bits and pieces from to make a cohesive site.

I’m most comfortable with WordPress, but realize a simple HTML site might be the best alternative. If we go with anything but WordPress, I’ll need a brief tutorial at the end of the project so I can figure things out moving forward.

I need to contract a fast programmer that is independent and able to make decisions on their own, and deliver a great end product.

I need to see your portfolio of past sites completed and worked on, so submit with bid.

Please only apply if you are confident you fit the following criteria:

1- Need a serious and honest programmer willing to work quickly to get this site up and completed.

2 – I need a 100% quality work and expert.

3 – In a way of better understand what I want you can ask me all the questions that you feel fit. I’m always available on Skype as well.

4 – At the end of each project you need to deliver me the source files if applicable.

5 – I will only choose the programmer after you showing me your portfolio that proves experience on this field and after you giving me the samples of a simple CMS that you’ve done before, put them online in order to be able to see them.

8 – I’m open to suggestions about a CMS solution. I;m most familiar with WordPress, but am open to suggestions.

Thank you,


Site Upgrade 2

Here’s the deal. I have a site I started to put together a month or so ago but when into another direction. Now I would like to get this site done as well. I will tell you the site in the PMB as it is focused on male enhancement and I don’t think I can put the name on here. Anyway, I would like the site done in wordpress and there is another site I would kind of like this patterned after. I will give you that site name in the PMB as well. Basically in the end I will need a unique design done in wordpress with a logo and set up similar to but not exactly like another site in the same niche. I will be available via PMB for a more detailed description.

Wp (post) Modification Revised

I have a WP shopping cart, that has approx 20 themes in the themes in it’s own theme folder, basically all the same, just different colors and styles.

I can pick an affiliate from a list, and search for products, and it will make a new post for each product I chose.

However if I create a new post that is just a story or video, it has has fields for price, qty, ect…

I want to be able to create regular WP post also, that can be added to categories and be able to use plugins just like a basic WordPress post.

So the fix has to be such as to be able to be used any of the 20 themes I chose. And maybe in a separate folder so when a new version comes along I can easily add this fix.

Please give a little detail on how this may be done.

This is the “ShopperPress” template I just started working on.

Wp Reskin / Add Phpbb Forum

For this project, we are looking for a re-design of a WordPress Skin and incorporating a phpBB forum into the skin.

The skin needs to have sidebars with ads on one side (160 wide like our site has now) and on the left side content that is from the blog as well as other random content.

Here are some more details:

1. Search Bar – really need one. Can be where we put it or wherever you think it should be.

2. Need the magazine on the top of the one sidebar.

3. Move latest posts down to the bottom of the sidebar.

4. Need to change the tabs on the sidebar some. Was looking to do:

News / Kicksology
Features / Interviews
New Releases / Archive

5. When we have this skin around the forum we need to make sure the side of the forum can expand to the right or at least make it 750 px wide.

6. The banner above the posts should say SOLE COLLECTOR Shoes + News

7. We need to keep the number of posts at 10, like on mock 1.