Red5 Videowhisper Sound Fix 2

I bought the live stream script from videowhisper, and I use the component for my joomla 1.5.17

I use red5 as media streaming server

I use FME 2.5, or 3.1 to stream to the server. The picture is ok but the sound is something wrong. There is some background noise that repeats every 5 seconds.

If I use the videowhisper web-based console, there is nothing wrong with the sound. That makes me think there is something between the Red5 and the FME.

I need someone to take a look at this, either Red5 config, or the videowhisper rtmp app. I need to fix the background sound


Joomla Components Install

I am in need of someone who is an expert in Joomla and would be able to installt he following 2 components into my web site. I have tried to them myself but they keep giving me errors.

The components are:

– corePHP WordPress MU – Gives me error after installation

– OSE PHP Security Suite – requires additional measures of database / ftp installation – was “installed” by programmer in scriptlance, but programmer is taking to long and not completing his deal. Need someone to fix this ASAP.

Need to have this done TODAY.

Youtube-like Joomla Site

We need 3 pages completed immediately for a YouTube-like site created in Joomla.

After this, we immediately also need a LOT more work, always ongoing, for this and other sites. But we need to first be SURE we find THE RIGHT person to work on our sites who is totally competent and fast and knowledgeable and in working with video sites. We have the player/API, etc. for the player. We need the following pages (we have a design to follow) set up to work perfectly and we need them QUICKLY.

Immediately, by Saturday afternoon we need pages like the following 3 pages, live and functioning perfectly:

1. the player page: similar to YouTube’s:

2. the upload and record pages –
see youtube’s Upload page

record page – see viddler’s Record From Webcam page – you need to sign-in or quickly create an account to see those pages – do it, we are worth it!

We use viddler, we have a viddler business account and have access to everything they provide (player api, etc.), see what they give at:

Please do not apply if you do not have good experience working with video sites. We need a long-term person who is professional, fast, can get the job done, time after time after time. If you are not proven to be that you are wasting your time as we need an ongoing solution not a one-time fix.

Design WordPress Site

We are looking for a talented web designer(s) to DESIGN s website similar to;

Using WordPress and Joomla.

Here are the the template needs to reflect;


– Music (mp3 player, comments etc)
– News (wordpress integration)
– Lyrics
– Videos
– Images
– Community
– Event calendar



Only serious bidders please.


Flash User Inteface

We have a unique flash project we’re working on. It’s a combination of sequenced images of prerendered 3d rooms spinning that the user need to play forward and backward and then be able to select different objects in the room to see a pop up of simple text info called an external file like a txt file. The popups should also includes links to their related pages on the site. The main site is built in joomla. This flash interface will sit on the home page. The site is small so there will only be about 6 popups that need to be created. We have a flash file that we did a while ago that shows the control that we want.

Custom Joomla 5 Features Added



My usual great Joomla security and programmer lives in 3rd world country and his internet is down til May 16th. Ugh! So I’m forced to bid this small Joomla project and a bigger one after this is done.

Project pays $25.00 paid directly to you once all done. $10 bonus if all done in NEXT 12 HOURS or $5 bonus if all done within 24 HOURS. Time starts from the exact time you are awarded the bid til I test and everything works perfectly.

If this goes all well, the other 5 Joomla upgrades that are much more complex I can send you once this project is done and that project will pay $75.00 when those features are completed with a bonus possible based on speed of completion.

You MUST have Skype to talk on and email address to email back and forth. Prefer European, Russian, American, Canadian, Indonesian and Phillipion freelancers by far fyi.


Joomal To WordPress

I need this Joomla template with the same functions in wordpress

all functions should work as it is now

of course seo optimized no duplicated content with the timezone script.
just the same functions in wordpress
No fantasy bids pls and this shoul be happen as fast as possible within 2-4 days
I want to see it working first .. then I pay

Basic Drupal Or Joomla Site


I have too many projects and so little time. If someone could give me a hand with this one, that would be great.

I need a simple Drupal or Joomla Site for an IT company:

Don’t worry about content and pages – I will fill these in.

I just need a professional-looking template (with the option of adding drop-down menus)

something like:

Throw in a flash or jquery slideshow on the front page, a blog, and an RSS news feed on the side.

Please configure the blog module properly, so it may be used instantly by client; don’t leave anything hanging.

Please take care of bugs and browser compatibility issues.

Above all, keep it clean and professional. No crazy colours and buttons, no cartoons, and use standard fonts please.



Psd To Joomla/virtuemart

Need to convert a PSD to a Joomla/Virtuemart template:

– Final template must look exactly the same as the original design (Pixel-Perfect Conversion)
– Needs to be compatible with Joomla 1.5.x (natively)
– Must be 100% tableless and validate to XHTML and CSS standards (SEO Semantic design)
– Must be cross-browser compatible (IE6 to IE8, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, etc)
– Must include styles for all Joomla CSS tags
– Clean Code Structure with special attention to page load optimization

I will provide:

– PSD file
– A live site to test the template (if required)

Quality work will hopefully result in a long term business relationship.

Please note: I will gladly provide refrences/recomendations upon completion of work, but due to confidentiality concerns the successful bidder will not be able to reference the site name or design in their portfolio.