Mask Affiliate Links WordPress

Mask Affiliate Links WordPress
Back again with another blog project. I have a My recommendations page on my blog, with a bunch of affiliate links. But I want to mask these links in through php.

The programmer must be able to tell me how to do this.


“” or “” must be hidden by “”

Here is my site:

WordPress Install & Layout

WordPress Install & Layout
I’m working on a website that will include a wordpress section. The design template or “wrapper” for the site is mostly finished. The section of the controlled by word press will be within the wrapper. I’ve attached some images that will help explain. WordPress will need to be installed on my server and the a few dummy articles will need to be created to show how the articles will lay out with-in the design.

A search article function will be needed (see design)
Article Archives (see design)
Contact Us form with text field and email field (see design)

This a very time sensitive project and need to be completed in the next few days. If you are an experience wordpress programmer it should be pretty straight forward and simple.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I have access to the control panel on the server and can assist with the install if needed. You will have complete FTP access to the development server.

Here’s a page on the development server showing the basic HTML/CSS wrapper and navigation for the site:

Test Job (logo Design)

Test Job (logo Design)

I’m looking for someone who I will use as my main designer for all my future projects.

This person has to be someone who is an excellent designer, competent with the web 2.0 way of doing design, can design sites in wordpress among other ones, is hardworking, loves challenging work, sticks to deadlines and communicates with me frequently.

This is a test project to weed out the excusers from the real deal, and to work with only those who really want fun&challenging work and a long term relationship.

I will select multiple winners and pay everyone who completes the work to my specifications by the deadline, so keep your bids as low as you can so that I can add you in the winners and see you in action.


For this test project I want one Logo created.


The logo specifications will be sent to you as soon as I choose you a winner.

I am very prompt with payment, and clear with communication and detailed in what I expect, I need the same level of seriousness on your part.


3 to max 6 days

As soon as I choose you as a winner, I will send you the project details. I will expect the first design in 24 hours. I will then give you feedback. When you receive my feedback you will have entered the second 24 hours.

There will not be any more than 3 feedback/changes, unless what you provided me is totally not like what I asked for.

As long as I am on time with my replies we will get this handled in 3x24hours = 3 days. I will extend your deadline if I am late in replying. (which is why I wrote, 6 days max. above.)

Further Information

When posting to this bid, please provide:

A sample of your design work that is 100% original and done by you. (I will check this throughly and research further to clarify if it is your work.)

And answer these questions for me:

Are you willing and able to do more work once this project is complete? (I will have an optin page design immediately after this and a website design(wordpress) right after that.)

Have you worked with WordPress before? (What are some examples of your work)

Caribbean Articles

Caribbean Articles

There is a requirement for a talented writer to come on board as an extension of our business to write 10 articles relating to seperate islands in the Caribbean.

These article must be no longer than 400 words in length. All articles will be written with the visitor and the Search engines in mind.

To be selected you would need to display a proven track record of travel articles and examples for showcasing.

I look forward to your interest.

Real Freelance Writer Resumes

Real Freelance Writer Resumes
I need 5 real high quality resumes from 5 USA based freelance writers. I’m not looking for sample resumes copied from websites, but actual resumes from real people. These could have been taken from craigslist job post replies, resume base on Monster, etc.

The best is if these people have 5 + years writing experience.

Post one resume as a sample on the private message board to me to see the quality, and I’ll pick your bid if i like the resume.

Write 200 Articles

Write 200 Articles
Hello, I’m needing to create some original content for a series 200 similar websites. And I need this done with in 7 days.

I need you to write 200 completely original 250 word articles. I don’t want any spinning, scraping or other garbage that google might end up banning. I just want original written content. It needs to be written in clearly written english. If that’s not your strength then this project is not for you.

The subjects will be all very similar in nature: ie: a name of a city or province followed by the subject on “insurance”

I need you to write an article at least 250 words in length, completely original, on 200 similar subjects listed below.

The subjects are all on a name of a city or province located in Canada, followed by the keyword “insurance”. So ie:

1) Vancouver insurance
2) Toronto insurance
3) Montreal insurance
…. would be same for all 200 subjects.

So you’d talk about how many people living in the city or province are looking for insurance quotes. Talk about how an insurance quote can save them money, talk about home, auto, life insurance. Talk about why insurance is important, why someone should have it, where to shop for the best insurance rates, and how it can help the person. To make it unique mention something unique in a sentence or two about that city or province. To find that info use wikipedia or just google the name of the city and you’ll find unique information on it to incorporate into your article. ie: population, climate, major industries, important landmarks, or whatever, you can find about that city or province.

Each of the articles need to be as unique as possible. (and not copies of each other) The keyword should be included in the article at least 4 times.

EXAMPLE: This is from a similar project, only it was on the subject of “debt consolidation”. But basically the same rules apply. Only for this project you’d be talking about insurance rather than debt.

—————————sample article——————–

Barrie Ontario residents are seeking debt consolidation more than ever before due to the challenging economic climate Canada is facing. Barrie is a nice sized city of almost 200,000 and in this quiet community on Kempenfelt Bay it would seem like debt problems would be the last thing on people’s minds. But for these southern Ontario residents unsecure loans and mounting personal debt is a serious concern. One of the biggest challenges is often not knowing where to turn or how to repair the problem. Between the various choices of proposals, consolidation, refinancing or even bankruptcy it can be very confusing road to financial recovery for people in Barrie ON. The first and easiest step is always speaking with a debt advisor who is an expert in this area. They can help you to evaluate your money situation and find the best possible solution to help you recover. Then they can help you get started in a debt recovery program that is right for you. Often these programs can help you to get back on your feet much faster, with much less stress, and for a fraction of the cost that you might pay otherwise. So if you live in the Simcoe County or Barrie and you’re feeling the pinch then maybe it’s time to get some help. Please don’t try and do this alone. Just talk to an expert. They can show you options that you never knew you even had. Start by filling out the form above to learn some options and begin the process to debt settlement and recovery now.

Gambling Articles Required

Gambling Articles Required
I require 40 fresh unique articles they must be on topic, 500-650 words in length.
Example of article layout can be found here :
10 – poker related
10 – casino realted
10 – blackjack
10 – sports betting

All articles must be 100% Origional and will be verified with a duplicate content checker prior to payment.
payment paid through scriptlance account.

Website – Fax Flyer

Website – Fax Flyer
we require a flyer made up which he will then fax out to people (as well as post, so needs to be colour)

we will be doing websites designing/hosting and also logos.

this flyer needs to show that and advertise all that.. including prices etc. Logos will be provided but you need source any other images and also come up with ideas for text (we can help there too) so somebody with experience here. It needs to catch their attention straight away, so they read.

Please list any previous work you have done in this area so we can take a look. More info will be provided.

Webshop Clothing

Webshop Clothing
for a clothing company we need a website like this (see attachment)
Some color changes and minor detail changes (things that will be left out) but overall the same.
with Ideal payment method (dutch). (also creditcard,paypal and wired)
must also be optimized for search engines. and have easy management with cms.
the intro is not needed.

Zen Cart Website Surf Products

Zen Cart Website Surf Products
Looking for a designer team that knows Zen Cart and can customize a zen cart site. The sight will be selling Surf Products and Mainly Body Boards. This site is going to be a distributor for a company which has a site already so many images are already available. Need a Flash or similar header and them all of the other pages created. Like to finish quickly please. This site will need a separate log in to get to the wholesale pricing and purchasing.Need features Like Weather reports, Surf Reports, etc…

Downline Builder

Downline Builder
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for someone to develop/copy a script for me which is a downline builder.

it would be a an exact copy of the program featured on excluding the graphics as I would do that myself.

Winning bidder will be able to demonstrate that they fully understand the script and have running examples and will be the cheapest price. High prices will not be considered as this is a very simple job.

Many thanks

Lightings E Commerce Website

Lightings E Commerce Website
Lights Boutique Pte Ltd

The Company logo is just the wording ”Lights Boutique” + ”Living & Style” in Monotype Corsiva font.
Please Take Note. There won’t be any Logo.

Base on:

1. Dont need the order form like
2. Do a similar contact us page like: , together with the enquire part
3. need about 1 or 2 CMS page for the client to upload the photos themselves, into the various catergory
4. need to add ‘Lights Boutique’ on every pictures
5. Theme colour Pink n Black

Looking for people who have done sites related to selling lights and fans…