Css And Graphic Design

Css And Graphic Design
Can you code?
Can you create a design layout?
Are you willing to become familiar with zazzle?

This is a serious project for a talented programmer/designer.
We are looking for designer/programmer who is ready, willing and able to communicate and who has time to work with us.

We need a zazzle store page design which utilizes CSS.
Examples of styles we like will be sent PMB.
And you can view the coding and style layouts.
Help codes are available via zazzle.
Plus a forum, widgets and built ins.

You will upload your design on zazzle in our store.
(your choice of mockup, either on a non-functioning store zazzle or it can be a non functioning image/layout).

Note, no escrow will be released until design is approved and store functions.

ESCROW deposited only AFTER the design is approved.
ESCROW released only AFTER the design is loaded to zazzle.

PMB always.

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