Web Based Info System

We need to build a web-based information processing system in .NET technology. We have urgent requirement of development teams which can deliver in quick turn-around timeframes, with whom we can build long term partnerships – beyond the current scope of work. Please provide a brief profile, before we can discuss the details of the project requirements. -webbasedinfosystem<at>gmail.com

Fast Logo Creation Print & Web

I need a logo created for client. The final logo needs to work both on a dark colored website and can be easily be inversed for printing (ie. white on black, black on white). The exact name of the project is in the attached document. I know this goes against the idea of providing exact details, but I’m not sure what the client exactly wants. I will pay anyone who provides a decent amount of quality proofs for their time, so there is an opportunity for me to select several bids. I als…

Photoshop To Pen Object

Use photoshop to clear the background of the Photo. 1) Sample of required work Check the attached file – Raw.psd (original pic) Required to remove the background using pen tool check the complete project.( Check file done.psd) It’s a straight forward project Total 80 pic . Need it urgently. If you have time to complete it fast you are welcome to bid on it Date needed : 14/05/10

Need Banner Graphics Made

I need quite a few banner graphics made. I need several sets. A set means one of each of the following: 120 x 600 160 x 600 468 x 60 728 x 90 200 x 200 250 x 250 300 x 250 338 x 280 You can go to my website www.christianhypnosis.org. I want two sets for each product on the website. That is a total of 18 sets, but then there is also 2 sets that are general for the site. And then I need 4 more sets for 2 products that I have not yet made. That is a total of 24 sets of banners. The GOOD thin…

Windows App

i need to build a database with some arguments let’say 4 levels deep and last level is composed by text around 2000 words per 2000 voices. I need to build an output where the user can use the database obtaining researches by alphabetic and voices.One of the levels will be a Photogallery with thousands of photos. Finally i need to build an interactive Pad where the user can drag and drop or copy and paste text and images and print it. All of that has to be on a CD who autoinstall on desktop of…

Dmv Search Engine Scrapers

We currently need two data scrapers that will search on the following pages for data, and then collect the data and place it into a mysql database for later retrieval. A database with all California zip codes will be provided to you.

The scrapers will search the following links:
SCRAPER A)https://mv.dmv.ca.gov/olinq2/authorize.do
SCRAPER B)http://www.bar.ca.gov/pubwebquery/Station/StationList.aspx

SCRAPER A needs to perform a search of all CA zip codes and store the following information in a mysql table:
1. Name of Business
2. Address of Business
3. Phone Number
4. Location Opened
5. Location Closed
6. License to Provide, Offer or Sell
7. License Number
8. License First Issued
9. Operator or Contact
10. Owner of Business
11. Mailing Address
12. Other Business Name
13. Zip of Search
14. City of Search

All of this information is available from the search results. I will provide a DB of all zip codes in California for use by the scraper.

For SCRAPER B, we will need to collect the following search results and store it in a separate table:

1. Type
2. Can Certify Gps
3. Station Name / Address
4. Phone Number
5. County
6. Field Office: Program Area
7. Available Bar Units
8. Zip of Search
9. City of Search

All of this information is available from the search results. I will provide a DB of all zip codes in California for use by the scraper.

Website Development Project

I want a website that has the debt amount calculator feature so that client prospect can go into it and see how they can save time and interest by using my service. The website needs a page where they can fill in their client info. This would need to be connected into a mysql database at backend. I need a FAQ section and the ability to link to other websites that can feed current financial news. I would like help on the look and feel of the GUI and website too. Here is the link of the website which does a similar work which I want, but I have different formulas which can be handed to you if you agree to do work on this project. Kindly provide a firm quote and time line. Here is the website link.
It must not take much time to develop this calculator. I will wait for your bids.

Photo Blog Site

Photo Blog Site 1- Similar design to Facebook home page just with regard to Facebooks top blue bar that goes across page, and use same font as FaceBook for “PhotoBlogSite” 2- Rest of site should look like PhotoBlogSite.com/ 3. Tabs across under blue bar near top should look like PhotoBlogSite.com/ -Home -Photos -Stupid Status Updates -Submit -About Us 4. Plenty of room for ads 5. Thumbs up/down feature on bottom of each image where picture gets removed after certain number of thumbs down. 6….

Cartoon Illustration

I need a cartoon illustration for a character named “GrimBacca” This character is a cross between “grimace” and “chewbacca”. It should look mostly like grimace, but be very hairy and have chewbaccas gun. -purple -same body as grimace -hairy like chewbacca -a gun similar to this http://www.imperialgunnery.com/12%20INCH%20Chewbacca.jpg Here’s what grimace looks like http://www.google.ca/images?q=grimace&hl=en&prmd=iv&source=lnms&tbs=isch:1&ei=Ij7mS6qcJIP-8AbOwZj3DA&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&…

Old 2+2 Poker Forums Account

I would like you to find me an old 2+2 poker forums account. -The registration date must be 2005 or before for me to even consider it. -I would also like the account to have a reasonable name and a low post count. (I’m a little flexible on this) -If you have an old account you don’t use or know someone who does, BID and I will buy it. -Also I have all the various high priced poker ebooks and would be willing to trade them for the account, if you are a poker player. Post on the PMB for m…

Perl Coding

I need several blocks of PERL/MYSQL code written on my servers sandbox to fit into our existing code under the direction of our senior developer.

DOD Encryption of data —word docs etc

Extraction of database entries from word docs. Must be done in an AI manner that is quite intuitive

connect scripts to FB -Myspace-Twitter etc

This is to be done in PERL and you must be up to the challenge

Extract Product Info From Site

I need someone to create a script that will extract product information from a website.

Info needed to extract:
Product Name
Item #
Mfr. model #
Product Description
URL of page

Available Locations (Each location has its own info – see below)

For each location – Info Needed:
Store Name
Store #
Product Condition

So the script would get the product, then get the data from each location for that product.

Notes: When using the site you will have to enter the zip code or add the store to your “My Stores” list in order to view the prices for that product for that location. So the script would have to automatically add all the stores to its “My Stores” before getting the data otherwise it will not get all the information.

Data can be saved to XML, CSV, MySql, or similar.

Please PM questions or mock ups.

Please see attached image of sample page from site.