Basic Html

Basic Html
My e-commerce website currently looks like this ( and I need a web designer to make it look like the screenshot I have provided. Some basic html is required and the project needs to be completed within 2 weeks. I currently own 2 domains and they both need some basic html applied. The work will have to be done through using their design page which I will provide as to not interrupt the e-commerce website itself. Below is a list of tasks to be completed:

– create intro page.
– link ( to (
– create “header bar” at the top containing page links.
– connect links to their proper pages.
– incorporate mailing list system.
– create “subscribe to mailing” list box.
– upload pictures.
– link social networking sites.

I will provide all the pieces necessary to complete the project, and I basically need a web designer to put it altogether and bring my vision to life. I assume the hardest task of this project would be to incorporate a “subscribe to mailing list” system at the top right corner of the header bar. Please review the project and the screenshots to have an idea of what I am looking for. Thank you in advance.

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