Migrate Wp Site To New Host.

Migrate Wp Site To New Host.
I build wordpress websites and sell them. When I sell them I have to transfer the site to the new owner.

I can migrate using a tool I have but when that doesn’t work I need someone that can go in and migrate Cpanel to Cpanel or via FTP.

I have attempted to use the tool and it has not worked and I think it is because the person has the new domain as an add-on domain and the script I use cant figure that out.

I always have access to the Cpanel and full back up files for the site that I want to be copied.

This should be simple for most of you guys.

If someone can do this for $10 or less you will have a steady stream of business from me. I sell about 20 websites a month and this is the biggest pain in the ass for me. When someone has some off the wall hosting (which, to me, is anything not hostgator)

Let me know how much per tranfer you will charge. I have 2-3 right now to do.

Thanks and feel free to ask any questions.

Put “WebsiteCash” in your reply so I know your real person.


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