Database Driven Pages

Database Driven Pages
I have 2 pages that need to connect to a database. I have a database with the cities, states, and zip (available in Access, Excel, Notepad, xml). I need a developer that will place this database into a mySQL database on my server. The developer will be given access to my server to setup the mySQL database and then import the data.

On page 1 (home page), I need the page to make a list of States in alphabetical order in 4 column. These state names link to page 2.

On page 2 (state page), a list of cities associated to the state need listed in alphabetical order. The city name hyperlink to a city page where listings will be pulled associated to the city.

The url needs to be SEO friendly. For example, on the Home page, if I click on the state link “California”, then the url should be Once on the state page, if I click on the city link “Anaheim”, then the link should take me to

The database must be created efficiently and be optimized for speed. Zip codes must be associated with the cities. At some point listings will be stored in the database and must be linked to the city, state, and zip. So program the database to anticipate that addition later on.

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