Wp-mu / Buddypress Designer Wa

Wp-mu / Buddypress Designer Wa
Need Designer or would like to purchase a amazing WP-MU/ Buddy-press template. Prefer someone who can start on the project immediately and have it done in less than four weeks.
Must have experience with Buddypress wordpressMU and Amemeber.
Must be able to show examples of your work.
Prefer someone who is artistic and can think out of the box.

Tag-line: Uniquely pairing private professional staff for your home, yacht, private jet anytime and anywhere.

Very Clean interface and easy to understand with straight forward understanding of the functionality of the site.

Each candidate would have to pay a 5 monthly subscription cost. (amember.com)
advertising $25-50. cost

Subscription for each member would have to have the following:

Profile: big bold and very clean presentation of resume and photo. This would be first thing clients would see and a big selling point for the candidate.

The ability to hide contact information until a plan is purchased. Then the clients would be able to view candidates after they pay.
A Wall (like facebook)
Image upload

Variety of different groups and subgroups
Video upload or be able to easily embed you-tube.
private messaging is a must

The whole reason for a new member to join is to continually keep in touch and post there updated profile. Many of the candidates (especially private chefs, yacht captains, and personal security) will be working on short term contracts and need to privately communicate within there groups to get referrals and make new friends in the field. Clients must be able to view calendar to see there availability. Integration of a online personal calendar will also be a must!. I expect to have 2500 members communicating and keeping in touch within 3 months and building relations for job referrals and placement. This will be a friends helping friends in there very unique field built on categories. And also a draw to keep there subscription monthly. This is a very private unique market. I currently have a agency with four full time employees and a marketing staff. We are just moving and shifting our efforts to the web. Because this is such a private and secure community (due to extremely wealthy and private clients) each candidate must go through me or the forums admin in order to be let into the community that they desire. Maybe a confirmation E-mail allowing them to join there community.

My idea was for each potential prospective member to have a rich (facebook like) professional profile. This would have to be a social networking site with a a paid subscription. And then if potential person/client wanted to hire that candidate he would have to pay a fee in order to get that candidates personal contact information. Based on the clients wants, he/she will have two options to purchase contact information. Option one is hire a candidate on a part tie basis or a contract. Second option would be for a full time hire and that would cost more.

Does that make any sense. And what do you think about candidates profile. Is it possible. Presentation is everything for the candidate.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Again, I can not thank you enough for all your help and i look forward to working with you.

Thank you,

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