Optin Page And Blog Mini Pro 2

Optin Page And Blog Mini Pro 2

Your task is to Edit this Marketing Website (72 Hours or Less)

Edit the MARKETING_landing_page (with the following changes>>
1. Edit Talk soon, to Talk soon,
John Doe Emmanuel Lescouflair
2. Edit 2009 Business Name Inc, to 2010 Super Affilate
Enterprises LLC.

3. Edit All bottom links,turn them into links (privacy notice, disclaimer, etc they will link to the new blog

4. Edit the css style sheet so that it will enable me to insert code
later without messing up the appearance of the landing page.

5. Copy the terms of use,Disclaimer etc and place on the blog

(One Site disclaimer is attached, copy and paste onto blog)

For a Brief Example of what this should look like :

1. Visit http://www.AdvancedDatingSecrets.com/specialreport.html and opt-in for the
free report.
http://www.AdvancedDatingSecrets.com/datingreportdownload.html, which is the
DOWNLOAD PAGE that allows you to download the free report.
4. Click on the “Download Now” link on the download page, and your free report will
load from http://www.AdvancedDatingSecrets.com/datingspecialreport09.pdf, instantly.
– his main web site should have articles (which are actually blog posts), affiliate
promotions, etc.

If you have any questions please let me know. I’ll send blog username and pass in personal e-mail.

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