Rotation Tracking Fix Php/java

Rotation Tracking Fix Php/java
I’m looking to have a few changes added to a script to help tighten up our rotation and make it a little more solid.

1. The script currently is in place and what it does it someone visits the website when they opt into our form it rotates to the next person who gets the lead and goes to their aweber list as well as their thankyou page.

2. This continues and I have the ability to fix and alter anything I want via an admin.

Now what I need is the following done to it. This is all done in php/java/ajax I believe.

1. I need to have the tracking fixed it is suppose to track by day but that part is not working it has the same number by day as it does total.

2. Also it is rotating twice sometimes so people on the rotation get skipped want to put something in place to fix this and keep it from happening.

3. I would also like something where I can also pass the affiliate tracking ID to the aweber code so we have that for future reference as to where the lead came from. This is already in the URL and passed from the company doing the advertising for us.

4. I want to also add or have the ability to add the amount spend by the person on the ad rotation and have it keep a running balance and dwindle that down until it is runout. I need to be able to edit and add this amount in the admin.

5. I want to be able to change the lead stats in the admin rather then having to log into phpmyadmin when someone shows a lead but really didn’t get one this I hope we can put maybe a java button where when they press submit it will not rotate.

6. Also I noticed that if someone hits their back button it will rotate the wheel not sure if there is a way to fix this or not.

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