Pagination Issues With Boonex

Pagination Issues With Boonex
I’m having Pagination issues with version 6.1.4 of dolphin from boonex

The problem is with the following areas on the site: My Favorite Videos, My Favorite Photos and My Favorite Music
when I go to the My Favorite Pages the url shows:
but when I click for the next page or even choose more than 10 results per page it goes to this page:
instead of the correct url which would be:
I’ve tried checking the browsePhoto.php and BxDolSharedMedia.php but not sure what to fix or what the problem is. HELP PLEASE 🙂

The problem still remains. It appears that somewhere in the function it’s missing the action=fav and not adding it to the pagnation links and instead this is what happens:
instead of:

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