Mailing List Transfer

Mailing List Transfer
We require a reliable programmer to complete the following tasks:

• Implement a MySQL database to capture newsletter sign-ups including fields for full name, email address, as well as IP address, browser and any other relevant details.
• Implement a front-end form to insert data into database, create a landing page from established site template to say ‘thanks’ for the sign-up (should compare against existing database to ensure no duplicates).
• Email an automatic email to the user thanking them for the sign-up (copy will be provided).
• Create a simple admin link which exports all sign ups in a ‘MailChimp’ friendly format (such as an Excel spreadsheet, CSV, etc.) This should export the Name and Email details only.
• Upon export, mark all exported subscribers as ‘inactive’ but keep details in database. Future exports should only export new sign-ups.
• Complete an additional ‘form-to-mail’ contact script on a separate page with CAPTCHA security.

There is no need for an opt-in confirmation to be sent to the new sign-ups, just an auto thank-you note. Site details can be provided on request.

Please get in touch to ask any questions. Preference will be shown to those who have read and understood the above. This work is to be completed within the following 5 – 7 days so please ensure you consider this in your timescale and are available to complete the works.

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