Medical Article 0210

Medical Article 0210
Need 6 articles on general medical topics to include;
1. Coronary artery disease,
2. Sleep apnea and signs,
3. Benefits of getting a Cat Scan to work up a medical problem,
4. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Detection and the benefits of Ultrasound to detect this problem,
5. Uses and Indications of a therapy called Microvas,(you may need to research this one but I have tons of data for you)
6. Peripheral vascular disease in diabetics.

These articles need to be between 500-750 words ( can be more if needed)
All articles are original and passes copyscape and owned by me for my use with my name as author. Need them by next 7 days – 10 days

May send first few to start earlier than the 7 day mark.

In english and grammatically correct with no significant need for editing or corrections.

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