Pligg/swcms Module Customizati

Pligg/swcms Module Customizati
SocialWebCMS ( is a fork of Pligg, CMS for Digg-style social news sites.

The goal of this project is to produce a modified new version of the “video module” for SocialWebCMS.

The module uses JQuery / Thickbox to integrate videos from youtube and other services into the stories posted to the SWCMS site. A thumbnail of the video is displayed in the story, and a click on the thumb opens a transparent Thickbox layer with the video.

We need to modify the video module so that the video_plus.php page includes not only the video, but also a title, an extract from the article description, a link to the vote and the bury functions, and a couple of adsense banners (using the revenue sharing module) above and below the video.

The title and text are needed because in this way the video_plus.php?id=XYZ pages could be indexed by spiders, so that contextual advertising is possible.

An example of a modified video module, similar to what we want to achieve, can be see in use at More than this, we also need an excerpt of the story and a couple of banners below and above the video.

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