Res. Optimisation + Jquery

Res. Optimisation + Jquery
Have some questions which am willing to pay for the information:

We are designing a portfolio with a very similar concept to this site:

The homepage design will be just as simple. For the navigation there will be 3 menu links – About, Latest Work and Contact. Using jquery, the About content/page will scroll in from the left, Latest Work scroll down from above and Contact in from the right. See ‘structure’ image attached for clearer explanation. It is a little like this site, but not confined to a section, it will be the whole content/page size –

The designer is creating the site in .psd which will then be converted. The navigation of the site will use jquery and will move the content over a static background image.

Here are the questions/issues:
1. What size should the designer design the homepage so there is no scroll, when optimised for a resolution minimum of 1024 x 768. I believe the average content space within a browser at this resolution is 1008×600. So does he need to design the page to these dimensions?

2. If the designer designs the site to 1008×600 for example, when a visitor is viewing the site with 1680×1050 res will there be spaces either side of the width? This would mean the navigation idea will not look as effective.

3. Is there a way to set the homepage with no scroll and still keep the navigational functionality how we want it – in all resolutions 1024×768 and above?

See this site for example, it uses jquery and it looks the same in all resolutions 1024×768 and upwards… the page width always remains the same and with no horizontal or vertical scroll.

If you have a solution to these questions I will be very greatful.

Thank you

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