Smarty Template For A Cms

Smarty Template For A Cms
We are looking for a designer/Php- experienced programmer for one custom design template for our smarty / PHP based Website(it is based on a cms).

We already have the webdesign (images/basic layout) including logo.. but we need someone who is experienced in the Smarty Template language so he can apply the Design to the template files which are already existing on our website.

In fact: A part of this is already done(cutting images/applying to templates), and the site is working online. but we need someone to fully complete the templates (a few things are still missing/last programmer did not finish).

The Template needs to be simple smarty code to work with the cms. We will provide url and ftp where you can see the already working one and you can test/apply any changes on the templates. Also we will provide any additional information if needed.

If you are experienced in Graphic Design it will help, although the Design work is already finished and only applying graphics / editing template files is needed. if you got any ideas about the design we are open for your ideas too.

You can see all you need to changes/files live on our the ftp/website. More Info/Url.. at Project message board.

Thanks for your bid!

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