Lead Capture & Email Responder

Lead Capture & Email Responder
We are looking for a system to automatically capture leads and send out email auto responses.

The purpose of lead generation is to be able to quickly and easily capture lead information that can be used for remarketing purposes to a specific group of people. In this instance, a simple javascript tag or HTML code snippet would be able to be placed onto a page to allow the use of a lead capture form, or a pop-up form in a modal box window using a DIV overlay. This window would allow for quick and easy email capture using an attention grabbing headline, which would automatically be sent to the system for setup into an auto-responder email series. For a really good example of this type of lead capture system, check out the modal box pop-up used on http://linkwheel.net – Another site that offers great forms and back end reporting systems can be found at http://wufoo.com

The system needs to be able to operate as a software as a service, running on a server that uses PHP/MySQL database and then uses javascript to deploy the lead capture system on external domains pages. Example of “software as a service” model would be ‘grabthatlead.com’ – I recommend quickly signing up for the free service and seeing an example of how it is used.

Additionally, It is important to know the percentage of people that see a modal style box (div layer) lead capture form, or other type, in comparison to the number of people that close the form (if an overlay) or that actually complete the lead capture form. The system would need to have administrative account access, would need to be differentiable based on the pages where it’s deployed, and would need to be able to manage campaigns from an administrative system.

Integration with mail systems would obviously also be a requirement including ability to opt-out of auto-responder email chains, etc. The server architecture would be standard LAMP configuration with PHP/MySQL database storage and using a PHP based mailing application.

The developer can customize other open source applications as necessary to complete this project as well.

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