Customer Reviews Application

Customer Reviews Application
We are looking for an experienced PHP, MySQL and XHTML/CSS web programmer and front end developer to develop a program for handling customer reviews on an ecommerce site. The program would operate similarly with features like those found in powerreviewsexpress. If you’re unfamiliar with powerreviewsexpress, check out the product here:

We would need this to be a hosted application that uses a combination of php, mySQL back end and front end deployment using javascript code snippets which detect the current product page for the review. From a programmers perspective, imagine you have blank html pages that have only a URL/page name and a single identifiable variable on the page used to determine the product. Based upon this information, the review snippet determines the product and provides results for existing reviews in the database. Key features that are a necessity include:

Easily adding reviews for customers, including tags, or image/media upload (this is an optional feature)
Easy administration panel where reviews can be approved and commented upon by moderators
Javascript tag deployment to product pages

See common features here:

The developer can leverage other open source existing technologies to expand upon them or build a foundation for the development in this project.

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