Web Countdown

Web Countdown
I would like a project very similar to “thetinytimer dot com” but it should NOT use Ajax.

The technologies used should be: JavaScript, Cookies, PHP (If necessary).

All code should be clearly commented with explanations for what each function’s purpose is.

All variables names should “make sense” in clear English. I have a programming background myself, and I need to understand the code once it’s finished.

The web countdown should do the following;
– enable users to select of a date and time for the countdown
– enable users to give their chosen countdown a title and short description
– enable human-readable URLs for the countdowns (ie: domain.com/tuesday8pm or domain.com/december12
– provide users with javascript code that they can copy and place onto their own websites, which will then show a mini version of the same countdown

Code quality and code readability has a much higher priority for me than getting the project done quickly.

I request full anonymity on this project: you will not be able to use this project in your company as a reference.

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