Setup Centos Mail Server

Setup Centos Mail Server
we want to setup dedicated centos servers as mail servers.
we use a php mail script combined with postfix MTA.

we have multiple postfix instances each one binds to a particular static IP address.

The dedicated server gives the possibiliy to have till 256 IPS. We are adding 30 IPS eachmonth wich means we have to setup 30 postfix instances eachmonth.

The php mail script sends thru the default postfix path mentioned in php.ini

To setup the server correctly the following tasks should be done:
1 Install the php mailing software
2 Install postfix 2.6 rpm
3 Create FTP access for the primary domain name
4 Add all the domain names to the server
5 Create MX record for each domain/IP
6 Creating IP resolve/domain
7 Add a postfix instance that binds to every ip address
8 Postfix configuration(Add the postfix configuration to all postfix instances)
9 Add spf records domainkeys for every domain name
10 Add a code in the .htaccess script in the server home directory
11 optimize php.ini and my.cnf
12 create an html accessibale page on the server in wich a chart or table lists the IP address, the corresponding domain name and the corresponding postfix instance name.
13 create a bounce management system: all hard and bounce emails gathered from postfix logfile should be placed into a table and tell postfix to never send to those emails without affecting the sending speed
14 Every month 30 aditional IPS and 30 other domains will be added on the same server: all postfix new instances, ip/domains mx and A records should be added spf records and domain keys html webpage chart update should take effect
15 List Management system, lists are received on csv files that contain columns and lines, in columns we find email addresses, zip code or ip address and or date stamp or registration and aslo first and last names. We receive everyday update list file of recent subscribers. we need a fast way to add them to the main list and integrate them to the php software
16 Offers management system. Offers are usualy an html code. A redirection should be made to every link and images should be placed into our server.
17 create a page interface that shows on time statistics and info from the postfix log file for all instances: number of email injected to the queue and the corresponding send, bounced, deferred and timed out. EXAMPLE: emails injected 100000. SENT 80000 bounced 10000 deferred 5000 timed out 5000
18 Increase deliverability (IP lookup, avoid blacklists…..)
19 IP management system(negociate with server provider to give us different IP addrsses classes, and setup the correspondant postfix instances for each IP address
20 every month 30 IPS and 30 new domains are added (ensure the 30 domains names are added to the server instal all necessary elements (spf records, domainkeys, new MX records, A rercords; postfix instances…)
How sendings are made:
offers are sent to yahoo, gmail, verizon, comcast,sbcglobal, separetly

– first tests our made to ensure that the message will be delivered and not rejected (sent status is checked in portfix log)
– in php.ini we mention the first postfix instance will be used as MTA path, then we go to the php script and we put any from dimain from name and text body and we send the test. If it’s rejected from yahoo for example we change the postfux instance path in php.ini and we put the second instance then we send another test. Combinations of domain name and postfix instance are made to find the combination that delivers emails.

Then if it’s ok the from name and text body are added and the message is sent…
I-We are looking to automatize all the server setup process

II-we are looking to Automatize all the sendings process from testing to sendings the emails…….

All the described process to bigin by putting the offer content and ends byt sendings the message to all email provider each one separatly..


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