Batch Upload Photos To Flickr

Batch Upload Photos To Flickr
You MUST have a high-speed Internet connection and FTP for this project. You will need to download the FREE Flickr Uploadr tool.

We have 50 CD’s that need to be uploaded to using their free batch uploader tool. You will get the CD’s from our FTP site.


1. Download the files from our FTP site.
2. Open the free Flickr Uploadr tool on your computer.
3. Upload the photos with the settings shown in the attached file.
4. Add the Set of photos to the correct COLLECTION on using the instructions we will give you.
5. We will check the first folder you upload for accuracy, then you can do all the remaining folders.

– Each CD has an average of 10 folders with 100 photos in each folder.
– Each photo is average 1-2 MB.
– Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, each folder may take a while to upload.

IMPORTANT: This is an easy project, and the actual WORK on each folder is only about 5 minutes. BUT the upload time is very slow. We repeat, you MUST have a high-speed Internet connection for this project.

Ready to start TODAY. We pay bonuses for timely and accurate completion. Please see our 100% excellent reviews for fast payment & great communications!

Thank you for taking the time to read and bid on our project.

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