Pull Data From Vbulletin Forum

Pull Data From Vbulletin Forum
Need a quick PHP job.

We have a semi-active vBulletin forum here http://bit.ly/6R7qKP. I need to pull each newest thread data from a single forum and display it on our homepage(outside vBulletin) with thumb-nailed and clickable images(if there are any).

I need the php code commented out so that we know what is going on when we read it. (we will need to be able to duplicate this ourselves with other forums in the future)

Should be XHTML compliant and should use our current CSS file.
Bidder should be proficient in the language of PHP and know MYSQL well. I have phpmyadmin access to the DB.

If this project goes well, I have other PHP coding jobs available.

This should be basic and very simple for someone who knows vBulletin and php. Shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete.

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