Hot Trend Collector

Hot Trend Collector
I want a php program that will (list of trends is at bottom )hot trends every 30 minutes and download the hole list of hot trends and store it in a data base on my server.
IT will auto dedupe the list
The program will also have a tab where I can veiw hot trends for the day or past week/month and it will show which
Have been there x amount of times.
Example Tiger woods cheats 100 this would be the hot topic and how many days it has appeared on hot trends
Arranging from the most seen to the least seen in order down the list.

It will have a keyword tab so I can import a list of keywords and once aday it will pull there avg adsense cpc and import to database,along with daily traffic arranging from highest paid to least

It will flag any keywords that I entered that appear in the hot topic list as hot

Will need to be able to export/import both list into a word doc.
Will need to be able to add or remove items from both list
Will need to be able to run smoothly 24/7 no memory use etc
Will need to auto save the data every time it updates so if computer crashes
Will need option where i can load/download keywords
Will auto backup everything after a update on any tab
Will have option to turn off any part of the above
Will have option to setting any setting delay for all the above
If a item appears in more then 1 list example google hot trends and lycos it will be shown as blue in my list with x amount of times it has appeared and be at top of list

only bid if your good with php and can make this easy to use.easy to veiw, and runs like a charm with No errors.

Here is a list of the hot trends to be included
Google hot trends

I do want all the bs these sites list just the keywords example
from ebay
by number of searches

1. ipod
2. ipod touch
3. iphone
4. zhu zhu pets
5. wii
6. coach
7. laptop
8. ralph lauren
9. digital camera
10. xbox 360

just the keywords would be included and the other sites all into one list and deduped

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