Write Seo Friendly Articles

Write Seo Friendly Articles
Write SEO Friendly Articles for Fashion

Summary: see attached document for full details

$175 (20 articles over 30 days)

5 articles/week, 500words each;

( articles will be divided into 3 categories, see doc attached)
Ability to do Keyword and Subject research; Have ability and understanding of using correct tools.
To post on the blog ( complete blog post management)
Schedule agreed must be 100% accurate for posting articles:
This is for some one who is disciplined and reliable about time management.

Most important:
The writer MUST BE:
a) Having English as a mother tongue language; based in Europe/ America & Canada/Austral Asia
b) Be a Individual, NO COMPANIES.
c) Have history and feedback or ability to give such.
d) Show example of your work and example article written esp for us
e) Gentle and easygoing to work with, no hot heads please; who genuinely a writer of natural ability with awareness oh everything and well read!
Please don’t apply if the above criteria is not met

You must be 100% familiar and experienced writer for the WEB;
Know the essential rules of web & Blog writing; keyword importance; totally original work, keyword richness; grammatically correct and natural pose , and above all, being different from the rest, in terms of non obvious and cliché articles which seem from the outset to be aimed at one purpose only! Articles should be first simply just that, informative, witty, and full of new ideas and resource; its not important to know for whom these articles whom they were written for! NO obvious crankiness or cliché- ness about them. We want them natural, factual, poetic, etc.
Brilliantly SEO friendly articles ( packed with all SEO rules) with total subtleness

Be familiar with BLOGs and its layouts, etc
How to use Blog programmes, post articles on them, post pictures, and TAGS .

Now please read full attached doc if YOU MEET the criteria.

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