Sales And Inventory Cms

Sales And Inventory Cms
I run an online pet store and ebay store. I currently keep track of my sales in a Microsoft Excel file but I would like to hire a few employees soon to process orders. I will need a website that my emplyess can login to and add in the sales each day. I would like the script to be writen in PHP that uses a MySQL database.

I need the ability to add products so that when I sell something, I can choose what was sold from a drop down box. That will save me time from putting in the price, description and transaction fees every time I sell something.

I would like an ebay page and ecommerce page and a page that has them both combined.

My supplier ships the products I sell directly to my customers but I like to do a bulk order to Canada so that my Canadian customers are not charged any duty/brokerage fees. That means I always have inventory that I need to keep track of. Having an inventory page with a list of items I have in stock is required. Then when I sell it, I could choose the in-stock item from a drop down box and it would remove it from my “in-stock” list.

I also need to add 3 different user/pass logins that have different permissions.

1) Full permission to view everything.
2) Access to the ebay page only and no sales stats will be shown
2) Access to the ecommerce page only and no sales stats will be shown.

I will need to be able to sort the data by date/month/year and have a search feature.

Color coding is also required. (Black for complete, blue for waiting to be shipped, red for problem, orange for inventory sold)

Here are the details that I need for each transaction:

Date Sold
Price Sold
Our Cost
eBay Fees
PayPal Fees
Shipping Fees
Tracking Number
Invoice Number
USA or Canada (surcharges for Canada)
Full Name
User Name
E-mail Address

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