Set-up Phpdug Or Digg Clone

Set-up Phpdug Or Digg Clone
This project to develop a digg like site focused on a specific industry. We were looking at using the following script:

The project would involved:

1. Installing script on our server, use v2 template as basis for the site
2. Ensure that all basic functionality of the script is operating as it should.
3. Ensure that RSS feeds (incoming) to gather articles to populate categories is working.
4. Customising script and adding some additional features to our specifications

In addition to the standard features we would like to have the following customizations:

1. Set-up RSS feeds for each category (these would be user subscribed feeds from our site)
2. Add drop-down menu to show subcategories (current v2 template doesn’t appear to have drop down menu)
3. Add ability to show thumbnail images along with articles (admin shows that video thumbnails is already possible but not sure if functional).
4. Partner site article submission – ensure that the code to allow for partner sites to submit articles to the site is operational. Plan to provide code/link for sites to use to submit articles.
5. Article submission QC
– add ability to block sites (i.e. specific domains) from showing articles on site. Ability to manage the blocked sites from admin panel.
– check that submitted article hasn’t already been submitted to site (using URL to check article database).
– check that submitted article link is working
6. Add banner ads to template pages and admin banner management (adwords and customers banners)

We look forward to hearing back from you!

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