Simple Ad Rotation Script

Simple Ad Rotation Script
Project Website:

I currently use a PHP include to pull this file and display it on my pages:

What I want to have created is a simple script that will rotate the placement of all ad blocks.

I want the images (and their hyperlinks, ALT description, etc. to appear in a different spot on every page refresh and with every new page display.

The rotation script needs to be able to expand or shrink to handle however many ad blocks are included (1,2,3…10)

Rotation can be random, no particular sequence is necessary.

I can create individual files for each ad block if necessary, my only requirement is that they appear in random order on page refresh and that all hyperlinks, ALT description, size attributes, etc. follow the correct ad block.

If you have a suggestion that will improve the results I am looking for, I am open to your ideas.

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