Newsletter For Phpfox V2

Newsletter For Phpfox V2
I want Dadamail or equivalent or better free open-source newsletter program, with discussion facility (members can post by mail, reply mail like discussion thread –> Check Dadamail discussion board feature for understanding) to be integrated seamlessly with PHPFox V2.
The Newsletter software you choose should have number of e-mails in an hour restriction feature (say max 300 mails in an hour).
When a new member signs-up in PHPFox V2, he would be auto-included in the Newsletter mailing list. When a user is removed from PHPFox V2, he would be removed from Newsletter as well. However, a member should have option in the PHPfox V2 sign-up to remove the tick, if he does not want to be in the mailing list. He should also have option to go to his account settings or Privacy options to select/unselect the newsletter option.
This is the Project.
You have to provide me all modified files & installation instructions. Also, I would retain copyright for resale.
Please quote.

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