Restrict Emails Phpfox V2

Restrict Emails Phpfox V2
In PHPFox V2, there is no way at present to restrict number of e-mails in an hour.
Want mod so that PHPFox V2 site-wide e-mails are sent in batches to control number of e-mails in an hour.
Let’s say User 1 has 500 friends. On his Birthday, system generates 500 messages from his friends wishing Birthday, which would generate 500 e-mails. It should be set up in cron-job so that say 300 mails max in an hour.
Or, say, admin sends newsletter to 2000 members, again e-mails would be sent in batches so that say 300 e-mails in an hour.
This is the project.
You have to provide me all modified files & installation instructions. Also, I would retain copyright for resale.
Please quote.

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