Psd To WordPress/joomla

Psd To WordPress/joomla

Am looking to get website developed in either wordpress or Joomla CMS.
I will be providing the complete PSD files, so just need a coder to convert them into either of the above CMS.

I have attached many of the files, although site is not 100% ready, the files I am providing will give an indication of the work required.

Site will contain the following menu (with option to add more):

Home, About, Portfolio, Services & Contact

Services will contain:
Web Design, Brand Identity, Search Engine, Optimisation, Social Media.

All these pages will have static content, controlled via the CMS

Home page will link to all the Services pages. And underneath will have links to latest portfolio work. On the right, there will be links to latter blog posts, twitter posts, and other custom buttons. See home.jpg for homepage layout

Portfolio will contain all my work, categorised in website and print media. See Portfolio.jpg for example page. This should be easy to update via the CMS.

Blog will be a standard blog with various categories and posts. See blog.jpg and blog2.jpg.

All other pages will follow a similar layout. There will be a contact form.

In addition each page will have social bookmarking (share this etc), and a newsletter plugin would be required. For the homepage, I may require the banner part to be a jQuery slider (I will provide the slides – about 5).

Please feel free to PM if you have any further questions

Thanks 🙂

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