Joomla Classified Website

Joomla Classified Website

i want build a Joomla website for advertisement
like this example website

but i don’t need all the functions inside,
below is my needs with some little different things

in the example Demo
thats a good functions for me to manage an Ads website

and about the design, i don’t need it with colors and loads of stuff, just simple and formal for an international website 🙂
same like my example website , white pages with nice frames and formal menus ( something to attract the users )

about what i need as function

1- classified text ads with sections same like the example website

2- spaces for adding banners ads ( with payment ) like that boxes contian ( place your ads here for … $ )

3- countries sections to placing the ads by Countries names
for the example in the home page, there is the countries names and the user click on the country name
then he will find the ads sections like part (1) above

4- user can make free account and add free text ads unlimited

5- user can make payed account or can upload the banner he want ( for specific prices ) and he can pay by Visa or alert pay
which mean to be there a payment gate allow the user to pay
and i need this spaces for that banners with differnet sizes and in many places in home page and inside ( to i can make different prices )

also spaces to put google ads in my site
6- search engine inside my website make the user can find ads by the name or the word ( just good search engine )

7 – normal things like ( number of online visitors – site daily visits number – total visits number – Alexa )

8 – about the connecting my website with the search engines and make my site get allow to previews and the page ranking
i think that stuff is in every website but depended on the used scripts how good it is
and i need banners exchange between my side and other sites ( i think this happen by exchange the codes )

9- about the languages
i need English , and Arabic and other languages if available( not Google translation )

i hope i made it clear.

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