Professional Php Coder Needed

Professional Php Coder Needed
Hello I need a PHP CODER who can work with me immediately and help me customize a script with a few modifications for my printing site.

modifications Needed are as follows:

Need the ability for members to be able to UPLOAD ARTWORK to their accounts but only after placing an ORDER and payment has been completed…

then in the administration area of my main admin system I need to be able to view/download each artwork and order details for each client so I can process the orders for clients/members.

I will need a status update function added and a order management area added in the members area as well so each member can view all orders they have placed with us and check details of the status of their order, in my main admin I will need to be able to change status code from the automatic PENDING APPROVAL to PRE-PRESS to PRINTING To SHIPPED and also will need a option to mark an order as REFUNDED or Cancelled. when I update an order status it will reflect that status for the specific order in the clients account.

I also will need a function in my admin area where I can add a UPS tracking or FEDEX tracking number so clients can check their order, before I add this information to a clients order from my admin panel it will say Tracking Information Not Available when I update it from my super admin panel and put the tracking information in it will change and show the member for thier order the tracking number if they view order details for that specific order.

That’s pretty much everything I need to get done first… I will pay for some additional addon’s to be programmed for me after these get done..

I need a true professional PHP/mysql expert not a newbie and I need someone who can start working immediately and help me get as much finished today as possible…

Thank you!


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