To migrate the backup of Time Machine on the new Mac with Lion

Time Machine of Lion has earned some new functions, but it is one of it that can return particularly useful: now it is possible to use a preceding hard disk of Time Machine with a new computer and to inherit the historian of the backup of the old Mac.

The process of migration is rather easy: it needs to connect the old disk of Time Machine to the new computer and to open the panel Time Machine of the Preferences of System. Lion will remember that a disk of backup has not been selected and it will show a dialogue box with a button to open the Preferences of Time Machine and a new option: It uses preceding disk. Cliccando this last will be visualized a list of the unities climbed on with the backup of Time Machine.

Once selected the old disk of Time Machine, another choice you/he/she will be given: to create entirely a new backup or “to inherit” the historian of the backup of the old disk. In this last case, the backup of Time Machine of the old computer will be migrated on the new computer. And’ the case to underline that if the migration of the backup of Time Machine effects him on the new computer, not on it will be able to use him/it more with the old Mac.

It deals with a notable footstep in before, in comparison to Time Machine of Leopard and Snow Leopard. In precedence, in fact, when a new Mac was purchased, it was possible to migrate the data from the backup of Time Machine to shape the new computer, but later, the existing backup were not recognized by Time Machine. The practice was created a new backup, losing so the historian.

It is possible to maintain the continuity of the backup through now more computers, so that to never lose the old data.

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