Essential: Quicksilver for Snow Leopard and Lion (freeware)

The development of QuickSilver, the popular one and apprezzatissimo it continues launcher for Mac OS X, despite his/her dad, Nicholas Jitkoff, in 2009 is passed to Google for realizare Quick Search Playpen (the alter ego of QuickSilver).How Butler ($20), Quicksilver. it is an excellent utility, that allows to quickly launch applications, documents, URL, songs of iTunes, preferred of the browsers etc. You automatically loads to the start of the Mac, he/she works in background and you/he/she can be recalled with the keyboard combination that of default is ctrl-space

The operation is simple: writing in the dialogue box the letters po, it for instance appears as first result pa.ges, the application of the suite of iWork of Apple. Pressing the key arrow on it is possible to visualize a list of file connected to the effected search. Thanks to the extreme ductility of Quicksilver, selecting from this list the application Paparazzi is possible to make him learn with the time that pa means Paparazzi (it is the application that I use for photographing a whole Web page).

With a click with the right key of the mouse on the icon of the application or the looked for file, the contextual menu of Action that shows various options appears: You open, Show, Glues etc. what you/he/she can subsequently be personalized in the preferences of Quicksilver. It deals above all with a particularly useful option for actions of routine. Must for example send a determined document every time that is required for e-mail, it is possible to add the action Email to. In this way, digitando the in partnership letters to the file to be sent away mail electronics, once that you/he/she has appeared in the window of Quicksilver it will be enough to choose the Action Email to send him/it by e-mail..

On-line they are available of the plug-in free for good part of the applications of the Mac OS X (Adium, Automator, Entourage, iPhoto, Mail, Transmit etc.).

Finally, always in Preferences / Triggers it is possible to combine a keyboard combination to quickly perform even more one determined action.

Quicksilver b60 is comatibile with Snow Leopard and Lion, and from the site of the developer it is possible to also unload the versions for Tiger and Leopard, and even for Panther.

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