To launch Launchpad of Lion with a headrest shortcut or a key function

“Hi to everybody, does a keyboard shortcut exist for launching Launchpad?”.

It is possible to access Launchpad of Mac OS X Lion through the relative icon (a spatial nacelle in brushed metal) in the Dock or in the briefcase Applications, pinching with three or four fingers (according to the formulations in Preferences of System / Trackpad / Other actions), or bringing the cursor of the mouse in an angle of the monitor (shaping the option active Angles from the panel Desk and Screen saver or of Mission Control of the Preferences of System).

In more, in few clicks it is possible to shape Launchpad to launch him/it with a headrest shortcut or a key function. It is enough to open the panel Keyboard of Preferences of System, selzionare Dashboard and Dock in the column of sinsitra, therefore in the panel to the right to put the sign of sprouts to “Show Launchpad” and cliccare to the right of the name and digitare the combination of keys that is preferred or a key function I free (F5 or F6, for instance).

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