Critique: sharing screen of Mac OS X Lion

The sharing screen of Lion has been notably improved. To start, is now not only possible to visualize the desk of another Mac, but also to share the screen for every account of the Mac, even if somebody else is using him/it with a different account.We for example suppose, that a remote Mac has two accounts consumer, Stephen and Alessandra. Stephen is currently working on the Mac with his/her account. From another Mac, Alessandra can select the Mac that appears under the voice “Shared” in a window of the Finder, to make click Shares screen and digitare his/her name consumer and the password in the resultant dialogue box. When he makes click on the button Connected, another window of visualization of selection it appears with two options. to ask to share the screen or to connect to a virtual desk. In the first case, a message appears on the other Mac that to Alessandra it would like to share the screen. If Stephen accepts the sharing of the screen, Alessandra can see what on the screen of Stephen is as also to check him/it.



If, he makes click instead, to connect to a virtual desk, you/he/she can be chosen to visualize and to check all the accounts to which access is had on the other Mac. You is able, for instance, to select the account Alessandra, to introduce the password, and the relative account will be launched in background on the remote Mac. The only indication that Stephen will have of what is happening you/he/she is the appearance of the icon Sharing screen in the menu bar of the Finder. Alessandra can work then with the Mac in remote, while also Stephen uses him/it.



Besides, Sharing screen now offers two formalities of visualization, Hardware and virtual Desk. The hardware is the formality of visualization to which has gotten used. When you/he/she is connected to another Mac through the sharing of the screen, you/he/she is shown the image of the remote Mac and in a panel also of the really. When the virtual desk is chosen, the image of the remote Mac is seen, but in this last the window appears than log-in grey with the accounts. The person that was seen the remote Mac, whether to introduce his/her own password to take back the control of the computer.


There is also a new formality it Observes (available also from the menu it Approves) that it allows to look at whatever action on the remote computer without interfering. The sharing of the screen has a toolbar personalizzabile and is possible to add the button Control / it Observes for a more rapid access. Ago his/her debut also another function, Instant screen, that together to it Observes you/he/she has directly been taken in loan by Remote Desktops of Apple, that allow to effect a screenshot of the Mac in remote.



Always from the new toolbar it is (or from the menu it Approves) possible to activate Proper for the window and to care or to send the Notes of the Finder.

As the other applications of Lion, also Sharing screen supports the formality to all screen.

Final considerations

Someone uses the version server of the Mac you mine to check more Mac, I use the application instead Sharing Screen. With Lion some useful and elegant improvements have been introduced, mine preferred is the possibility to connect as consumer on a remote Mac, while another person is locally connected. I like the idea to enter my iMac to house and to use some files without forcing who is using him/it to go out before.

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