Alfred earns the support for the extensions, Grow and a new theme Lion

It seems that all the consumers Mac have a preferred launcher, the three that they go for the greatest I am LaunchBar (€ 24), Butler ($20) and Quicksilver. But if you have not found the yet “pitcher of applications and file” ideal or is thinking about trying of of it new, I suggest you to free unload Alfred for Snow Leopard and Lion from the Mac App Store.



Alfred 0.9.9 allow to start the applications and search on the Web, Amazon (in Preferences / General it needs to point out the Country where it is us to get results “located”), and still more the all pressing few keys. A combination of keys (of default is Option-bar spaziatrice) can be assigned, to visualize the relative box of search, and then digitare the first letters of the application that it is desired to launch, or a key word to effect a search on the Web. Alfred will show a list of results. If the first one is what he is looking for, it is enough to press the key Dispatch and the application you/he/she will be launched or the open document. If what is looking for is not the first one of the list of the results, Alfred very kindly it assigns a specific combination of keys to every result to quickly (those of deafult are .-2, .-3 and so street) select them.

If is thinking about passing to one of these launchers, you keep in mind that Alfred is currently in beta, and the search works in different way in comparison to Quicksilver (greatest difference is that it deals with a rigorous textual search, therefore if you press “ff” you won’t find Firefox).

Alfred has profited of an important updating that introduces new functionalities as the support for the extensions, the integration with Growl and a new background inspired to Mac OS X Lion, besides it resolves the usual long list of bug.

Alfred 0.9.9, that it requires at least OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or OS X 10.7 Lion, can free be unloaded by the Mac App Store

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