Apple announces the prices of the storage of iCloud

Apple has disclosed great details around its service of synchronization iCloud, included the prices. Steve Jobs had in precedence declared that the consumers of the devices Apple would have had 5GB of storage title free iCloud, it is possible to add others 10GB (that more other five gigabytes of free space ten, for a total of 15GB) for 16 European a year, 25GB for 32 European, or 55GB for 80 European a year.


It is interesting to compare these prices with the popular service of cloud-storage of Dropbox, that offers 2GB of free storage, 50GB for $120 to the year and 100GB for $228 for year.

Besides, Apple has released also to the developers a version beta of, that furnishes Mac Dev to the recorded consumers to the program a preview of the applications Web “iOS like” you syncronize with e-mail, contacts, calendars, iWork, and it Finds my iPhone.

Apple has not exactly said still when icCoud will be available for the great public, but the service is strongly tied to iOS 5, that it will arrive “this autumn.”

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