Article Rewriting & Submission

Article Rewriting & Submission
i will give 2 articles. Each article has to be rewritten with perfect grammar to 5 articles. The rewritten 10 articles should be submitted to 5 article directories. Total ( 2*5*5=50 submissions has to be made at the end. we will give the backlinks for the submissions in the directories. The submission should be made manually.

The article directories are:

1. ( 2 backlinks for each article)
2. ( 2 backlinks for each article)
3. ( 1 backlink for each article)
4. ( 3 backlinks for each article)
5. ( 2 backlinks for each article)

1. i need separate author log in all the above directories.
2. Payment will be made by escrow once ALL THE 50 ARTICLES ARE ACCEPTED IN ALL THE DIRECTORIES.

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