Category/subcategory Code Fix

Category/subcategory Code Fix

this project is quite simple.

i have a php code >> the function is to get and show categories list on a simple DIV from the db and when clicked on each category the subcategories must apear as links just below each category, while showing on the right the items in that category or particular category.

I had these 30 lines of code working fine until mysql version changed on the server.
i think it’s just a compatibility issue here, so really it should be a simple and quick job for any php / mysql coder.

I will provide you with the part of the code / the DB structure and any other info you may need. No access to hosting or db should be needed to keep it simple.

Msn messenger could be a + so you can send me the code, so i can upload the file to check if it works as requested,
if you need any other information please ask.

I’m looking for a “per task” price, i don’t know if you will have to try several things in different steps in order to make it work.

thank you for considering my project!

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