Custom Built Cms Website

Custom Built Cms Website
I need a professional team with a track record. You will need to provide evidence of your work. No evidence no work.

Sorry for the strict control but I have had issues before with programmers. This brings me to me next point. You will need to sign a NDA and we will only pay for a project in stages.

We need a customized CMS system website developed. It is for a company that delivers products direct to the consumer. Here are the guidelines
• Must be easy for a customer to use
• Customers will make a purchase of items. Items will then be recurring billing according to a specific date according to each product
• Customers will have a log in section where they can view, edit there orders and delivery schedule
• Home page must have an opt in for a newsletter
• Must have a built in email system so product updates, delivery issues can be communicated to the customer
• Purchasing must be down with in 3 steps
• Products on the site must also have a description

The site is to be simple, graphically stunning and highly functional.

I look forward to your quote

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