Convert Joomla To WordPress

Convert Joomla To WordPress
Job: Convert Joomla website to WordPress

This is a very simple job for someone that knows how to use Joomla & WordPress.
There’s very little creative thinking needed, this is essentially a cut and paste job.

We have a Joomla site, that we would like converted to a WordPress based site.
We’re looking for someone who knows both to first move the existing content over, and then to continue to manage the site for us on an ongoing basis (for the purposes of bidding here, please just bid on the first stage – moving existing content from Joomla to WordPress)

The site has 41 pages, two of which are unpublished but we would like to keep the content. (Insurance and Migration)
If possible, the 17 pages of separate blog entries could be built in a more efficient way.

We’d also like various plugins installed & setup – we’ll be led by you on which the best ones are (probably include: WP Google Analytics, All In One SEO Pack, Google Sitemap Generator, cforms & others you suggest)

The main reason for moving platforms is so that we’re able to edit content ourselves. We’d especially like to be able to edit the forms and ‘Quick Grabs’ of information (the name capture widgets on the right side – see below)

We’ll need you to install WP in a test directory of our site. Then once all content has been copied across & the new site tested, we’ll ned you to swap the sites over with minimal disruption to our end users.
All hyperlinks will need to be checked & confirmed working – we presume you’ll have the tools to make that a quick & easy process.

We can give you access to the Joomla administrator site & FTP access to the main site to install & configure WordPress

The site has 4 separate forms. They are:
1. Tax Estimate
2. Information Pack
3. Contact Us
4. Tax File Number

The site has two quick grab boxes (name capture forms) on the right hand side of the pages below:

The main form – ONLINE TAX REFUND APPLICATION has 4 associated pages that lead on to each other as below.

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