Php/mysql Website Mods

Php/mysql Website Mods
Our Business Rating/Review Site is almost ready to go live. We have some additions to enhance the functions already working well.

This is a complex site and you must be well versed in PHP/MYSQL along with Javascript, JAVA, Ajax.

These additions are to complete area’s that already have programming in place, we just wish to enhance that particular function so we feel the programming needed should be somewhat minimal for most of the requests with only about 3 of the requests needing more work.


1. Add another Info field in the Admin Section.
2. Display Newest to oldest on Latest Rants page.
3. Copy same Color/font/thumbnails to second pages of the Promotions.
4. Show “Sub Categories” for business listings on Home Page
Programming in place, just not displaying.
5. Add “Browse” option for picture upload in User Account & Admin section.Field already there, just need programming to finish.
6.1st Review showing full review, shorten to display up to 3
lines only.
7. Add 2 new fields to the Users account and the same into
the Admin area.
8. Make all Website Urls for listings “live”.
9. Minor change of style or color of pop-up Coupon.
10.We have an option for restaurants to upload their Menus.
We would like to show the word “Menu” under the business listing
and have it be live so that the User can view the menu
without leaving the page.
11.The upgrade/Downgrade option in members account needs to
UPDATE the information in their account and admin panel.
12.Add the Star Rating and adjust minor layout on small
area of home page.

13. Adjust the Thumbnail pictures to display better.

We will supply you with screen shots of specific areas to try to make it easier for you to understand the requests and complete in your quoted time frame.

Essentially we want someone who is a cracker jack programmer and wants to continue working with us on an ongoing basis.

THIS IS A RE-POST due to lack of communication from previous bidders, we respectfully request only serious bids please.

Please PMB for more info and site Url.

Thank you to all bidders for your time and consideration.

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