WordPress: Php Code

WordPress: Php Code
About the Project:
This Project refers to a small PHP coding, in my existing wordpress Blog.

I want a function, that will pull random number of lines (say 1 or 2 or 3 or 4… till the total no of lines in text file) from the text file (“.” delimited). The Text file will be Hosted on My server.

Example: If the text file has 300 Lines in it, i want to pull say 3 r 4 or 5 Random lines from it. (No of random lines i want should be a parameter, so i can change it later).

This output will be an Input for one another Function (I have plug-in for this function). So the output must work in this Plugin Function.

Do let me know if you can do this. We start immediately.

Thanks & Good Day,

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