Youtube Comment

Youtube Comment
I have a member based site. I want to create a section that will pay my members to make comments on youtube. How? (X page is the page needed to be created)

-Logged in member on my site goes to the X page and browses offers he can complete: There should be a table of offers that include “offer name” “youtube comment to be posted” “money earned per comment” “number of comments to be posted” “submit” where when they press submit they would have to enter their youtube username they used. The script should then look up the username and the comments he made and request a “pending reward” in my admin panel. I should be able to see the username, sample comments and the total amount of comments on what vid in my admin panel so I know if the user completed the request. If I approve (manually), money he earned should go into his balance (every user already has a balance so wouldn’t be too hard to do that)

So short said.

User interface:
Table with offers (check above)
Submit button where he can enter his youtube name

Admin interface:
Pending requests(approve or deny) that show site username, youtube username, amount of comments made, where he made the comments and sample comment or something like that.
Option to add new offers, edit and delete.

Before making a bid for this project, I need to know 100% though if it is possible to do what I requested (youtube name, comment extract…) If not, let me know so I don’t search further.

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