Fix My Ajax On WordPress

I have AJAXed WordPress ( installed and running relatively smoothly on my beta site. There are, however, a few glitches that I would like to have sorted out.

The beta site on which it has been installed is

I need an Ajax expert to tweak the plugin so as to fix the following problems (this is not an extensive list – we would need to discuss additional fixes):
– When a new post is clicked, the page slowly scrolls up to bring it into focus. I would like this to be instant
– When a new post is clicked, the page doesn’t scroll up to the very top, which leaves the top banner ad slightly covered. The page should scroll up the full way
– All links contain #awp::, i.e. If possible, I would prefer that this simply be the hash tag (#) without “awp::”.
– Ajaxed WordPress has trouble handling links that are created dynamically by javascript – will explain in further detail when winner selected.
– When the “shuffle” button is clicked (in the menu of the Ajaxed URL doesn’t work. It should redirect to a random post, but instead the URL stays “” and reloads the front page
– The plugin Facebook Connector has a conflict with Ajax

RESPONSES THAT DO NOT INCLUDE THIS KEY PHRASE WILL BE IGNORED: “I can make your Ajax and WordPress work together in harmony.” Copy/paste it if you must.

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